Mino Reitano. 5 Years Have Passed

Today I tell you about about my forever love, Mino Reitano. The song in the video above is one of my favorite. It touches your heart. Mino Reitano has been my favorite singer since my teenage years — and I’ve always been a fan of his. I could never stop loving him, even now that he’s no more. Five years… Read more →

Daydreaming of going abroad

There are times when I truly envy American people. They have a great president (YES, I’m a fan of Obama!), a great country, and great events. Music? Oh, I would have so much to do every day if I lived in the US! But I have to stay here and dream… Yes, I can dream at least. If I had… Read more →

No regrets

I fell in love with au.superiorpapers.com. The site represents all I could never do: write a research paper for college. I never got to attend college, because I was poor and I was (am) disable, but I try not to have too many regrets. After all, I have a beautiful family and sweet nephews and nieces who entertain me by… Read more →