Annita G. Bartoli

Basic Details

Name: Annita G. Bartoli
Age: 62
Nicknames: annita55, gigia (read “jee-jah”)
DOB: 25th September 1955
Location: Italy
Family: mother, 2 sisters
Pets: a red fish
Hair Colour: brown
Height: 1.38 m
Eye Colour: dark Brown


Music: Mino Reitano, Albano, Little Tony, Massimo Ranieri, Edoardo Vianello, Nek, Gianni Morandi, Gianni Nazzaro, Gigi D’Alessio

Bands: Nomadi, Ricchi & Poveri, Collage, Pooh, Gruppo 84, Cugini di Campagna

Food: chocolate, pasta, lemon or chocolate ice-cream, cheese

Drinks: water, wine, fruit juices

Fruit: peach, apple

Subject: Italian, Science, Geography, History, Religion

Films: Vacanze di Natale, Natale in India, Harry Potter

Programmes: Smallville, Incantesimo, Distretto di Polizia, Affari Tuoi, Piazza Grande, Al Posto Tuo, Italia sul Due, Arma Letale, Superman

Things: Computer, Clothes, CDs, Radio, playing cards, tombola, girly magazines

Love of my life: Mino Reitano


Cleaning the house. Hanging out with relatives/friends. Reading. Collecting postcards. Listening to music. Websurfing. Learning webdesign. Finding online friends.


Not going out for weeks. Mean people. People who discriminate people with disability 🙁 . Salad (eww).

Gifts from friends

Happy Valentines Day!

Happy Valentines Day!