On Mino, Frizzi and Pope Francis. Some 2018-19 Updates

Hello readers. It has been a while. 🙂 I hope you had a great 2018 and an awesome start of 2019!

In this new entry I collected some thoughts from the past year and a half.

* * *

Mino Reitano News

On Jan 27 at “Domenica In”, ten years from the passing of Mino Reitano, Mino’s wife Patrizia and their daughters talked about him.

They said that they miss his presence and he had been a good man, a generous one. He did charity with other celebrities for illnesses and cancer.

I miss his songs and I’m disappointed that the TV and radio never feature any of his last works.

Same could be said of his colleague Little Tony (deceased in 2013 from lung cancer).

Fabrizio Frizzi’s Death

Also, on March 25, 2018, another person I admire died: Fabrizio Frizzi.

He was a person of great humanity, hard to upset and easy to move. He did so much good, a lot of volunteering, and he supported Telethon.

I miss him because he was a good person and one that stroke a chord with me.

Pope Francis in Velletri 2019

In other (happier) news, this year on April 18, 2019, Pope Francis came to my hometown (Velletri) to celebrate the In Coena Domini Mass with the people of the local prison.

The event moved me so much and I’m sorry that I had no chance to meet His Holiness, but I’m so so happy that he was in Velletri, especially with jailed people, who need comfort and hope.

If you can read Italian, you can find more about the event here.

I Read a Book by Nicholas Sparks

Finally, I read a new book that my niece gifted to me! “La vita in due” (original English title: Two by Two) by Nicholas Sparks.

I loved it but I was happy that the protagonists lived together even though they had separated – and that they did so for the love of their daughter. But I’m still sad that they ended up separated, it’s a loss of its own.

Overall, I like the way this author writes. I might read more of his books.

And last but not least, a recent photo with my niece taken while she was fixing my site (adding SSL, etc.):

Image: my niece Luana, a chubby fair skinned girl with dark brown curly hair smiling at camera, and me, a fair skinned woman with short hair also smiling at camera

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That’s all for the moment. Thanks for reading!

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