Mino Reitano. 5 Years Have Passed

Today I tell you about about my forever love, Mino Reitano. The song in the video above is one of my favorite. It touches your heart.

Mino Reitano has been my favorite singer since my teenage years — and I’ve always been a fan of his. I could never stop loving him, even now that he’s no more.

Five years have passed since his death. The TV had a memorial programme with all his songs. Seeing that, I was happy, but I still really miss him, his songs and his voice.

He was a really good person.


Two days ago I was watching a TV program about Mino’s life as an artist and a person. His wife Patrizia and his daughter Judy were there and they told a lot of sweet anecdotes about Mino, the beautiful person he was and how generous he was to his colleagues, too.

Mino was Catholic and believed deeply in helping others in needs. He helped his friend and colleague Little Tony financially.

The last part of the program was about Mino’s tour in Australia, but I had to switch off the TV, so I couldn’t hear more. 🙁