“He Had A Heart” – In Memory of Mino Reitano

Mino Reitano

A month ago on TV, as an early evening program, I watched a music show in memory of Mino Reitano.

The music show/memorial’s name was “He Had A Heart“.

Obviously, the ‘He’ in the title is Mino. 🙂

They said good things about Mino, especially his old friends and singer colleagues Gianni Morandi and Massimo Ranieri, as well as other good souls in the field of music, art and humanitarian causes.

I was, I am (hence this ‘minoislove’ site) and forever will be a big fan of Mino Reitano, so I was really pleased with this TV show filled with delicate feelings, good memories and a lot of good old hits from Mino. Mino Reitano was a wonderful person, humble and generous, just as his family likes to remember him.

Mino died on 2009, but he’s still alive and kicking in our hearts.