Daydreaming of going abroad

There are times when I truly envy American people.

They have a great president (YES, I’m a fan of Obama!), a great country, and great events. Music? Oh, I would have so much to do every day if I lived in the US! But I have to stay here and dream… Yes, I can dream at least.

If I had money and a chance to travel abroad, I would buy maryland terrapins football tickets for me and my niece so we can spend a fun day watching football at the stadium. LOL.

I found a site – – that sells a lot of sports and concerts tickets, miami hurricanes football tickets, north carolina tar heels football tickets and many more. I think I would have a week full of stuff to do and events to attend, no-stop.

But I should stop dreaming and go watching a TV show with my mother now. Daydreaming can be a trap, right?