More than just a niece

You should click on the photo below to see it bigger. Unfortunately it’s a bit blurred, but it’s fine. I still love it.

My beloved niece Luana and me, the day of her 26th birthday

This is an entry about my niece. The wonderful niece who is helping me write a breast cancer experience testimonial to publish on I can’t be grateful enough.

The picture portrays us on the day of her 26th birthday. She’s a big girl, 26 years already… it looks like yesterday that I held her in my arms for the first time. She was so small, and I was a bit envious of my younger sister for the luck she had, a little daughter and later, two beautiful twins (boy and girl).

But back to my eldest niece. 🙂

She and I are not mere relatives… we are friends.

Luana is – for the most – the only friend I have. I know some people, but nobody understands me better than Luana. She always thought of me as a peer, not an old moody auntie, and that’s very special… very rare too. Not all nieces and nephews are that kind to an aunt that’s thirty years older.

We share a very special coincidence too: I was born on 1955, Luana on 1985 …. and our younger siblings (my sisters and her brother & sister) were born respectively on 1961 and 1991. EXACTLY 6 YEARS APART! AND BOTH OF US HAVE TWO SIBLINGS THAT ARE TWINS!

That’s a big generational case – a special gift by God. It’s like Luana and I were destined to be that close. We share the same role as the big daughters in our families, we have similar interests, and although I’m always a bit lazy with things, she did great things to me: she helped me master my English (not so perfect but I try!), learn how to blog and enjoy some email chat. My little world feels a lot bigger now, I feel less lonely. I need to thank her for this.

I also love all she does with her fictional characters on blogs. She’s a talent! My favorite character of all times is Ambrosia ( because when Luana still had no Internet on 2002 (I think) she wrote Ambrosia’s story as a short-story, in Italian, and I found it moving. I also asked her to photocopy it for me, so I could keep it in my drawer and reread it when I wish to. Now, it’s so fun to read Ambrosia’s life online! I still keep the story, but I like following the character growth on the blog too. So nice and smart, I think!

I have to leave the computer now, because there’s a thunderstorm outside of here. The electricity can go soon. Please leave a comment if you want. I love you!!