Christmas approaches with happines and love

Happy December to everybody!!! Christmas is approaching, together with its warm bonding moments (with God and with our family, a lovely Mass and some nice Tombola and card games. Ihihih!! I’m eager for Christmas day to come. 🙂

My niece and I are getting in touch on Sunday to get my breast cancer personal essay written — she’s going to help me with my English, correcting and fixing errors and ortography. I hope my small work will be helping people, giving them hope and strenght to look forward to happiness in life.

I loved phoning my niece today. It was so nice to talk after so many days (beside online talks).

My sister (Luana‘s mom) bought her an anticipated Christmas present, a nice big tablet to replace the faulty one. I hope she’ll let me take a look into it, when we see each other next time! But I will not touch it too much, because I don’t want to break it of course. I still remember when I broke the key-board of the typewriter my sisters had several decades ago. I felt so ashamed!! I never want to do it again, and infact I’m still afraid to break the PC key-board. 🙁

Thanks to my new affiliates Moni, Ashley and Maggie for thinking of me as their friends!!

I am going to pray the Holy Rosary now. Bye!