A cellphone plan to save money

This is a Sponsored post written by me on behalf of Straight Talk. All opinions are 100% mine.

My beloved niece introduced me to a special mobile phone plan called Straight Talk, that has everything you needĀ to give you an excellent phone service at extra cheap cost: just $45/month for an Unlimited Monthly plan ($499 for a year) or $30/month for an All You Need plan to make the most out of your money, at a lower price (the $30 plan comes with 1000 messages and calls, and of course, mobile Internet).

Usually mom knows best, but my mom is too old to care about cellphones and service plans. All she wants is spending as little as possible and have no hassle to bug her, and I think Straight Talk could be a good choice for her too. For me, I’d love this plan for the chance to call a friendĀ and my family all I want without time or cost limits given by my expensive contract with Wind.

I live on short money and I really want to make the best out of my disability pension without useless wastes. You know what I mean, especially with the recession and everything, that has touched every country, Italy included.

A video testimonial about Straight Talk.