Car donations: a blessing

If I had a spare car that was just thrown out there to rust, I would rather donate car to a charity to benefit others, like the American Vietnam Veterans, for instance. I believe car donations to be a wonderful idea: they help people in need, and they preserve our planet too, because it lets us recycle unused and still working vehicles, instead of causing more pollution and soil/air contamination. If you live in the US and you’re wondering how to donate a car, you can read the linked page on the organization’s website. I’m fully supportive oh this kind of events, so if you succeeded in donating your car, let me know. ^^ I like to share stories.

May God bless you always.

P.S. Tomorrow my niece Luana and her boyfriend are coming over and stay 2 days. That is wonderful, because we miss them deeply. 🙂 I’ll write about them one of these days. Have a nice week!